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Asset, Infrastructure
& Roof

A Professional Approach

Aspect Drones offer an alternative to traditional methods of asset inspection which allows us to inspect areas that may otherwise be inaccessible, dangerous or difficult to access.  We can inspect roof / solar, bridges, power lines, telephone / communication towers, cranes, machinery or any other hard to reach assets.


We work closely with clients to insure we offer a safe service and comply with all of our clients procedures. We can conduct photo and video inspections to digital twin point clouds. Our drones have 7x optical and 56 x digital zoom capabilities allowing us to inspect assets at a safe distance.  

Why Choose Drone Inspections?


Drones are more affordable than utilizing other aerial & ground inspection services

minimize Risk

Minimize risks and hazards associated with working at heights or in confined spaces 


Drones offer a more environmentally friendly alternative than plane & helicopter inspections


More effectively and efficiently manage your assets and infrastructure from the cloud

Drone Inspection Services

Digital Twins 

Drone-captured digital twins revolutionize industries by creating virtual replicas of physical assets. These replicas offer remote monitoring, precise measurements, and valuable insights for sectors like telecommunications, mining, infrastructure management and asset tracking.


With the ability to detect changes over time, digital twins enable proactive decision-making and efficient resource management. By leveraging the power of drones, these virtual replicas drive efficiency and enhance collaboration among stakeholders.

roof photo

Roof Inspection & Reports

Drones allows Aspect Drones to provides different  types of roof inspections to best suit your needs, from photos and videos damage inspections, to high quality orthomosaic drone mapping allowing us to produce accurate roof pitch, width, length and other measurements with accuracy above 98% .


Aspect Drones can assist with residential/ commercial damage reports for private and insurance customers including solar inspections. We provide accurate data enabling customers to make accurate decisions.

telco tower

Photo & video inspection

Our asset inspection service will provide a detailed inspection report that includes 20 megapixel images & 4K video & written report that is sent via Google drive. Your experts can then evaluate and identifying any safety hazards without setting foot on site.  We can work with clients to implement drone inspection reports into your current workflow. 

When immediate inspection is required we can provide a live view of our drone camera to your on site technicians.



Crane Lifting

Asset Managment

Step into the future of asset management with the transformative capabilities of drone technology. Unlocking unprecedented aerial perspectives, drones empower businesses to collect high-resolution data with remarkable efficiency.


This wealth of information isn't just visually stunning—it's a strategic tool that informs decision-making, enhances risk assessment, and revolutionizes operational strategies across a spectrum of industries. Embrace the power of drone-based asset management and stay steps ahead in a data-driven world.

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